July 10, 2011

Khadir and Tucker, 1960's Holden | Jogja Portrait Photographer

Channeling Bryant Terry and his cool vegan soul food cookbook in which he lists songs that go well with his meals, I'm gonna do the same for this collection of photos.

I recommend D'Angelo's cover of the Prince song "She's Always in My Hair." (This version is not with video but you don't need it anyway since you'll be looking at this collection of images.) Enjoy viewing and listening!

Khadir and I took Tucker to a decorated wall near the Taman Budaya (cultural center) and parked her for some shots.

Khadir's friend Kukuh came to lend his charm to our project.

He's got the moon in the palm of his hand.

After shooting here, we headed out to Jl. Solo, where a group of Holden afficionados hang out on Saturday nights. As traffic whizzed by this major road, I got out my umbrella and camera equipment and took a few quick portraits. Khadir's Holden is the oldest of their group. There was one bright pink Holden from the 70's. Fun stuff.

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