May 25, 2011

Part II of Di Bawah Lindungan Ka'bah, Indonesian Film

These photos were taken by Photographers Aldi Reynaldi and Erik Wirasakti. Big props to them for sharing them with me!

These are the real stars.

It's hard having the camera turned on me, as a photographer, but luckily Aldi and Erik did a good job.

Me at the post office, handing over some Dutch money from the 1920s for a parcel I was sending home to Holland.

Our compartment on the train to nowhere. We rode that train back and forth all day. The smell of a steam train is quite overpowering, especially for a Dutch noble-person like me.

The post office employee actually had three different parts as an extra. Not fair! We had fun making up little dialogues while we were filmed over and over.

Me and my hubby, according to the script. He was 59, he said.