May 31, 2011

T+D=Senang Hati | Asia Wedding Photographer

About a month ago, I got to join my friend Gatot, a talented photographer as he took photos of his close friends Trias and Diana for their engagement, near Kaliurang Mountain at Diana's family house. What a beautiful setting; there were lots of great outdoor locations!

Diana came up with an ingenious way to cross the creek by her house, plastic bag feet!

Trias and Diana were a really relaxed couple to photograph. They seemed almost immediately comfortable behind the lens, probably due to their relationship with Gatot, their photographer. I always think it's a good idea for people getting married to get to know their photographer by doing engagement photos first. That way you can be even more comfortable when he or she is documenting your wedding.

Trias and Diana actually just got married a few days ago! I am wishing them lots of luck. They get to party on own this weekend with TWO receptions on both Saturday and Sunday.

These beautiful bamboo groves were right out behind Diana's house.

Good idea for people who hate wearing rings on their fingers, like me.

Wishing these two lots of happiness in their marriage. And thanks, again Gatot, for letting me tag along! If you would like to book engagement, pre-wedding or wedding photography in Southeast Asia or the USA, please contact me at willow paule at gmail dot com with details. Thanks for viewing!