July 17, 2011

No Struggle to See the Cuteness | Jogjakarta Portrait Photographer

Juang=cute 6-month-old boy whose name means Struggle.

Niken=patient mommy of said cute boy.

Setting=office, yard and home of Juang and Niken. What else to say?

Well, I have more; below:

I loved the pace of this shoot. We took our time, migrated from one family house another, searched out interesting walls, fed Juang milk, found another interesting location, took a break for nap time. More photos then bath time. More photos then time to hang with grandpa. What a fun, relaxed way to get varied looks for this session.

Speaking of looks, I am more interested in unique moments then smiling baby photos. Not to say I like sad babies, but I do like to celebrate the multifaceted natures of human beings! I didn't just want to pick the smiling photos from this shoot because I feel like there are so many other interesting and important expressions Juang makes, like most babies.

Niken's parents were going to a wedding. They stopped to get a little love from Juang before heading out.

The photographer [i.e. moi] even got a chance to pose with the boy! What an honor!

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