May 6, 2010

Desert Shoot with Chadwick Fowler and Corvus

Recently I got to tag along on a sunrise shoot in the desert near Buckeye with fellow photographer Chadwick Fowler. He was shooting the band Corvus. It was fun to see the way Chadwick and his assistant Eric work together. I enjoy observing and helping other photographers because I learn so much. Also, Chadwick really knows how to light a dramatic sky! You can see a little of his lighting setup in the time-lapse video below--he's a big fan of beauty dishes.

Oh-and the video. Chadwick set up a camera on a tripod and used his intervalometer to automatically take a photo every 30 seconds. He then strung the photos together to make this video. You can see me (look for yellow shoes), Eric, Chadwick and the band. Plus the sky changes so much! Enjoy. Check out Chadwick's website if you want to see more of his work.