December 27, 2010

Phoenix Seniors | Senior Portrait Photographer

These images show some great seniors from schools in Phoenix. We had limited time to get these images and some of the students told me they were not crazy about getting their photos taken. However, after a few minutes every one of them acted like a natural! I try to make my shoots fun, laid back and not too stilted.

I love the contrast of A's shirt with the green, green grass. FYI-green, green grass is still such an odd phenomena for me to see in the desert of Phoenix.

A. surveys the autumn colors...what?! Autumn colors in Phoenix? Again, amazing! But look at those leaves!

This photo shows P's response to my corny jokes.

Look at this beautiful evening light bathing P's face.

If you are one of the seniors in these photographs, check out my Facebook fan page and Like it to tag yourself and have these photos available for your own profiles. Thanks to you all! I had a great time capturing these images--enjoy.