September 16, 2009

The Friend's Wedding

Mary and Kris had an eclectic wedding by beside a red rock on the other side of a little stream in Sedona. Guests took their shoes off and waded through the water... and were glad they made it for a small gathering of good friends and heartfelt vows. Willow Paule Photography was hired to capture the party afterward, atop a house (on the roof, in fact) made of all sorts of interesting trees and built into a beautiful hillside.

Mary and Kris spent a month sampling different drinks and champagnes and what they came up with were delicious--mojitos and mixed fruit sangrias just to name a couple.

Mary talks about the arduous trip through the sand to the wedding site.

Mary's hair was Audrey Hepburn-inspired.

Their DJ friend Troy had everyone rocking out to 60s-70s soul!

Mary had an amusing incident...

The jig was up and Kenny knew it...

But they're happy.